Rape is not a pre-existing condition

(Photo Credit: DarkoStojanovic/Pixabay. Yes, I know it’s not in English!)

So a lot of people have said and written a lot of words about the House passing the AHCA. I probably wouldn’t like the bill if I read it, but as the site title implies, I come at this from a perspective of liberty. My solution would be to do a straight repeal of the ACA, allow insurance to be sold across state lines, tax employer health benefits like regular income, and encourage prosperity instead of pumping more money into the medical industry and raising prices for everyone.

I might go into more detail about why I favor those solutions later, but right now I want to focus on the reaction to the bill. More specifically, I want to focus on the claim that under AHCA, rape is a pre-existing condition. The problem? It’s not true.

Yet, that didn’t stop many respectable outlets from saying so:

  • In Trump’s America, Being Sexually Assaulted Could Make Your Health Insurance More Expensive (New York Magazine)
  • Rape and domestic violence could be pre-existing conditions (CNN)
  • Under the GOP’s health plan, sexual assault could be considered a pre-existing condition (mic.com)
  • I was raped. Thanks to Republicans, I could be denied insurance for surviving. (Washington Post)

However, according to BuzzFeed, it’s mostly a moot point: all but two states, Idaho and Vermont, already prohibit insurers from considering sexual abuse when calculating premium costs.

Furthermore, according to the same BuzzFeed article, the AHCA doesn’t repeal the ban on denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. It would simply allow insurance companies, if some conditions are met, to raise the premium. Seeing as how people with pre-existing medical conditions usually consume more medical services, it is reasonable to charge them more for insurance.

You can say that all health Care should be free, but that’s a different argument altogether and isn’t what is being discussed here. What is being discussed is a flawed bill that is intended to replace an even more flawed bill.

You simply can’t pretend that the ACA was a perfect bill and hasn’t caused any ill effects, because it has. We would all be far better off if we discussed this issue rationally, without resorting to lies to bolster our arguments.

Ultimately, though, I think we would be best off if everyone would come to the realization that people should be allowed to exercise their own judgement and purchase the services they determine that they need.