Employee writes memo promoting diversity, apparently anti-diversity company fires employee

There’s been a lot of talk in the news about an “anti-diversity” memo written by a Google employee, and which Google fired said employee for. Gizmodo even goes so far as to call this memo a “screed.” The memo that everyone appears to be referencing can be found here. Reading through the actual source document leaves me confused, though. The memo is a well-written, calm, discussion of what the author feels are problems with Google’s current diversity practices, including practices that he feels are counter-productive to Google’s stated goal of increased diversity, and provides suggested improvements to increase diversity, especially gender and ideological diversity.

Therefore, there are only two conclusions that can be drawn from this information: either we the public have been presented with the incorrect memo, or Google is actually anti-diversity and fired the employee for being non-conformant.

More seriously, the problem with this whole scenario is that many people at Google and in the news business seem to have a literally skin-deep understanding of diversity. You can recognize diverse amounts of melanin in the skin, you can recognize different genitals, but as soon as you start talking about how people can think differently, all hell breaks loose. Google is fine with having (token) amounts of skin color diversity, and genital diversity, but as soon as someone notes that they may be going about this problem the wrong way and offers solutions, they get fired. There was no attempt whatsoever to address the points in the memo; Google’s VP of Diversity simply said it was anti-diversity and left it at that. The employee committed wrongthink and must be excised from the system.

One final touch of irony to finish this off. Apparently, Google canceled a meeting about this issue because, get this, many employees are afraid they can’t speak out at work freely: