I’ll get around to writing this post eventually

I mean, I have time, right? No one’s going to punish me if I take some time on this? There’s no deadline, after all.

To those who know me, I’m a notorious procrastinator. If I don’t have to do something, then I don’t. Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Apparently, procrastination may not necessarily be a bad thing after all, according to Dr. Mary C. Lamia. There may be such a thing as positive procrastination!

While I probably straddle the line between positive and negative procrastination, I can say that I do feel some of the things that she’s describing. If I try to start something too early, then I’m unfocused. My unconscious mind doesn’t feel like it’ll take all the time that my conscious mind is trying to give the task, so I get bored and quickly move on to something more pressing. However, when the deadline starts approaching and I get to the time period that I judge to be appropriate to complete the task, then I can focus and get the task done. Like I mentioned, sometimes my judgment about the appropriate amount of time is incorrect. Still, I usually get it right.

Even when I turn something in on time, though, it still irks those around me who have to watch me wait. They think I’m not taking the task seriously, when in fact I’m just giving it what I judge to be the appropriate amount of attention at that given moment. After all, different people judge things different ways and give different weight to different inputs, if they even get the same inputs in the first place.

In other words, the procrastinator in your life may not be goofing off. He could just be waiting until the time is right.

Or, he could just be lazy.

Featured image: User obpia30 on pixabay