The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but isn’t automatically right. Or popular.

You know that person at work. Nothing is ever good enough. They keep complaining and complaining, they spend more time in the manager’s office than their own work area, and for what? Stupid stuff that most people don’t care about, and doesn’t even make sense most of the time. Eventually, they get the changes they want, and it turns out to be a mess. No one likes the changes, and these changes cause problems for everyone. And who’s complaining the most? Not the original complainer, since they got a job elsewhere and don’t even work there anymore.

I might be bitter.

Anyway, General Mills has announced that they will now be making Trix with artificial dyes and flavorings again. Back in early 2016, General Mills changed the recipe for Trix to use only natural dyes and flavorings, as part of a company-wide health push for all their cereals. Presumably, this was in response to many concerned people who think that making everything natural is safer and healthier (try this all-natural, organic crude oil!).

The problem with this decision, however, is that people who eat Trix are not looking for health food. Maybe they aren’t consciously looking to be unhealthy, but health isn’t at the top of the list and isn’t a big priority. Trix is what you reach for when you want to eat something that looks fun and has strong fruit-like flavors.

And you know what? That’s ok, because there’s plenty of other health food on the market. As far as I’m aware, the General Mills Secret Police doesn’t break into people’s homes to shove Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch down people’s throats (if I’m wrong, though, let me know).

A lot of society’s problems nowadays comes from people thinking that there is one true way to live and that everyone should be made to live like they do. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to achieve on a planet with billions of people. Instead, we should let people live according to their conscience for as long as that conscience doesn’t involve physical harm or threat of harm.

What does that mean here? You can eat your Mini-Wheats. Let everyone else eat their Trix.

Now they just need to bring back the actual fruit shapes. Oh hey:

General Mills Inc. said it is also working on bringing back another fan favorite: Trix made in shapes of fruits, which it stopped selling a decade ago to return to round pieces.

Composite Image Credit: General Mills via General Mills Facebook Page.