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Los Angeles Dodgers finish regular season with the best record in baseball

It was rough going in the early part of September, but the Los Angeles Dodgers were able to turn it around in the last 10 games of the season, winning 8 games and only losing 2. With that, the Dodgers have secured the best record for the 2017 season at 104 wins to 58 losses, and the Dodgers will have home field advantage throughout the postseason.

And as you may have surmised, I’m quite excited.

I never played Little League or high school baseball myself. In fact, I didn’t really get into baseball until about ten years ago. When I did get into baseball, my favorite team would be my hometown team: the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’ve been fortunate that my fandom has coincided with a run of great success. In the ten seasons that I’ve been paying attention, the Dodgers have gone (or will be going to) the postseason seven times, as compared to the three times that they have missed out. While there haven’t been any World Series titles, I can’t really complain about being able to root for a team that has only had one losing season since I started following them.

That doesn’t mean that I’m only following the team because they’re successful, of course. I love the sense of history that comes with the Dodgers. They’re one of the oldest teams in baseball, starting play as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1883, and joining the National League in 1890. They’re the first major league team to employ a player of black African descent (Jackie Robinson). They’re the first major league team on the west coast of the United States (well, the San Francisco Giants moved out at the same time, but the Dodgers’ owner convinced the Giants’ owner to move out west, so San Francisco? You’re welcome.). And all through their time in Los Angeles (as well as their last years in Brooklyn, of course) they’ve had the best announcer in the all of sportsdom in Vin Scully, who sadly retired last year, of his own accord, after a very long career.

So while there’s plenty to root for without actually winning it all, I would certainly like the Dodgers to do what they haven’t done since 1988: win the World Series. Given how successful the team was in the regular season, this might just be the year.

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