Calm down. You don’t actually know what you’re angry about.

So, President Trump (allegedly) said that Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries are “shithole countries.”

So what?

What exactly is objectionable to you about this statement? Maybe you think the statement is racist. Why, then, does your mind immediately leap to connect poverty with people of color? Do you think that poverty and having dark skin are inseparable? If so, do you realize how racist that sounds to me, who believes that race has no primary effect on an individual’s success and that race can only have a effect on your success if you choose to let race have an effect on you? In other words, why are you so racist?

Maybe you’re right, though, and President Trump used “shithole” as some sort of encoded dog whistle (though you should keep in mind that if you can “hear” the dog whistle, then you’re the “dog” the whistle was intended for). The thing is, these countries really aren’t good places to live, according to the Human Development Index. And it’s no surprise as to why, according to Nigerian author Chigozie Obioma, recipient of an NAACP Image Award:

Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse. The machineries that make a nation exist, let alone succeed, have all eroded. One might argue that the nation’s creation by self-seeking white imperialists engendered its failure from the beginning, as I did in my recent novel. But this is only a part of the cause. A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has played a major role in its unravelling. The same, sadly, can be said for most other African nations. States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and those of their clipped circles.

So after establishing the truth that these countries are unpleseant places to live, you’re pretty much just left with President Trump’s (again, alleged) word choice. Well, I don’t mean to mock people, but… actually, yes, I do mean to mock people. It’s the equivalent of saying “Mommy, mommy, the bad man said a bad word!” The word may be unpleseant to hear, but the metaphorical meaning “shithole” conveys is understandable and, quite frankly, correct.

That really gets to the heart of the matter for me here. Contrary to the fear, untruths, and distortions in the media today, President Trump is governing well within the outlines of conservative policy espoused since President Reagan. While Democrats certainly have a right to disagree with the policies that President Trump is pushing, just as Republicans disagree with the policies that President Obama pushed, it’s not anything out of the ordinary.

And maybe that’s what’s making people angry the most. Deep down, I think most people realize that President Trump is, Twitter habit aside, is a rather ordinary Republican. Well, scratch that: he’s actually following through with promises to build a wall and cut government. He’s a Republican that actually follows through with his promises, which is actually rather surprising to me.

So maybe he isn’t so ordinary after all.

P.S.: Trump the private citizen funded medical missions to these very “shithole” countries using his own money.