Should you commit suicide? [SPOILER: NO]

So, there’s this machine that someone is designing called a “Sarco:”

A controversial suicide pod that enables its occupant to kill themselves at a press of a button went on display at Amsterdam funeral show on Saturday.

Called the “Sarco”, short for sarcophagus, the 3D-printed machine invented by Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke and Dutch designer Alexander Bannink comes with a detachable coffin, mounted on a stand that contains a nitrogen canister.

“The person who wants to die presses the button and the capsule is filled with nitrogen. He or she will feel a bit dizzy but will then rapidly lose consciousness and die,” said Nitschke, who has been dubbed “Dr Death” for his work to legalise euthanasia.

There’s a very real problem in modern western societies where the symptoms of mental illness are embraced and normalized, instead of attempting to treat the mental illness. Maybe it’s a reaction to the bad old days where mental hospitals were often abusive of the patients in their care? If so, the pendulum has swung far to the other side now, if a suicide machine can be reported on almost uncritically by the light news department of a major news agency. Not a joke, by the way. Here’s a screen capture from the link above as of April 16, 2018:

Here’s AFP’s description of Relaxnews, from their own website:

Tired of BAD news? AFP-Relaxnews offers an escape from the daily grind. In partnership with Relaxnews, the first leisure news agency, it provides news on upbeat, practical and entertaining subject matter on a worldwide basis.

Definitely not the “upbeat” part of their news coverage, then.


Look, suicide isn’t something to be encouraged; no healthy person should want to commit suicide. I don’t think that’s a controversial opinion. Unfortunately, like most problems in society, attempts to solve the problem by addressing it as a group problem will inevitably fail, because suicide is a deeply personal decision made by individuals, not groups.

If you do want to commit suicide, don’t. Instead, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Better yet, please talk to your family and friends. You say they don’t understand you? You are probably right, but not for the reason you think. Your family and friends are not telepathic; they cannot know your innermost thoughts and feelings, no matter what some Facebook meme might suggest. They cannot understand if they do not know.

You say they should just know? You don’t actually believe that, do you? You’ve probably been putting on a false front to keep other people from finding out that you’re having problems and are thinking of suicide. Can you really blame them if you succeed at putting on this mask? Talk to them. Let them know. Do not take the easy way out, because you will hurt your family and friends, they will suffer, and the whole world will be poorer for not having you here.

And if you’re one of those people to whom a person with suicidal thoughts comes to, please listen and do your best to understand. Don’t let them go away without knowing that they are needed in this world, and that help is available to them.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels